Choirs, choirs everywhere (well in the West Mids actually!)

September 30, 2009 at 10:09 am Leave a comment

We are looking for amateur singing groups and choirs to be involved in our special festival week in October (19th – 24th October 2009)

The idea is that in that week – choirs and singing groups in the West Midlands Region will have a chance to promote what they do to a wide audience. The aim of the festival is to encourage more adults to get involved with learning activities and the theme for our region is singing.

If your choir got involved it would basically involve:

– making your rehearsal session during that week ‘open’ which basically means we will promote it to potential new members to ‘try it out’

Then there are optional elements like:

– if you want to we can also set up a ‘live link up’ video that will broadcast your rehearsal on the internet – so people who want to try you out from the comfort of your own home can do so! (this will also give you a lasting record for recruitment if you want it)

– There will be opportunities to perform in your local city centre on Saturday 24th October if you want to promote your group to the general public

– There are also opportunities for choir leaders to run workshops in your local city centre for people who want to ‘try out’ singing’ in a smaller setting

If you want to get involved or know more email Clare on


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