Barbara Ann Flashmob

If you’ve found this page then you know that we are planning a flashmob event in Birmingham city centre around:

11am on Saturday 24th October 2009 – definitely at The Pavillions Birmingham

You invited to take part in this event! If you don’t want to be filmed to go on YouTube – please just don’t take part. Your taking part will represent your consent to be filmed!

For your preparation here is a video of Notorious singing this piece.

You can also download a copy of the music here to print off and learn:








– please turn up in time to sing at 11am on the dot

– please dress as you would to go on a shopping trip – bring shopping bags if poss!

– if you can’t memorise the music – don’t make it look like you are reading it. Put it in a newspaper or disguise it in some way!

– If you are a bass singer – please stand/sit in the corner of the wooden seated area see picture below

bass place

– if you are not a bass – please position yourself in the public areas as if you are waiting for some one etc. Act casual but be ready!!

– everyone else can stand wherever you like – and when you hear the basses start you can come in at your part and gradually wonder towards the basses so we can get the best ensemble sound

– you can bring your kids – so babysitting shouldn’t be a problem

AFTER we have finished singing – don’t stop about – just walk off and start shopping again… We’ll meet outside HMV in the street after to de-brief…


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